Welcome to Glisczynski & Associates, Inc.

Welcome to Glisczynski & Associates, Inc., recognized as The Most Dynamic Group for 2012 by Brookstone Capital Management.

We are here to help individuals and institutions build, protect, and preserve their financial assets. We focus on assisting with the deployment of strategies unique to each of our clients to help them manage their money.

Here at Glisczynski & Associates our motto is simple; We Work for You!

As Investment Advisor Representatives, we are held to a fiduciary standard when working with clients to help them manage their finances. As a fiduciary, we are required by law to place our client’s interests above our own. By focusing on the preservation and distribution of assets, it is our goal that our clients retire with peace of mind, knowing they have an efficient plan in place.

Our unique approach gives us flexibility when advising our clients how to manage their nest egg to help give them the highest probability of success. Many times people neglect to move from an accumulation posture, to a preservation and distribution stance when approaching retirement, resulting in potential losses that can change the course of their retirement, sometime before it even begins! Please do not let this happen to you.

We help by advising our clients in many areas of their financial wellbeing through our group workshops as well as individual one on one meetings which we recommend occur on an annual basis at a minimum. Areas we assist our clients include but are not limited to:


401k Rollovers
Social Security Planning
Tax Planning
Trust Accounts

401k Management
Retirement Cash Flow
Estate Planning
Individual Brokerage Accounts
College Planning


Option Trading Strategies
Managed Bond Trading Strategies
Tactical Return Strategies

Standard CDs (Certificates of Deposit)

Structured Notes
Mutual Funds
Hedged Equity Strategies
Covered Call Strategies
Variable Annuities

Market Linked CDs (Certificates of Deposit)


Long Term Care Insurance
Funeral Trusts

Life Insurance
Medicare Supplements

Retirement Auto Pilot

The path to a fulfilling retirement is not always clear to see, nor can we predict turbulence along the way. What’s your plan in times of unpredictability? Is it time to put your retirement on autopilot? Click the links to view the trailer and request your free copy.

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